Benjamin Woolf

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T + 1 345 814 2006

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Benjamin is Director of AGS Cayman and a Partner of Appleby Cayman.

Benjamin understands the intricacies of client transactions and operational, legal and regulatory requirements, enabling them to provide substance and support the decision making processes required to help companies achieve their strategic objectives.

Benjamin has significant experience within the structured finance sector representing issuers and investors alike on countless structured finance transactions, including primarily, CLOs, CRE CLOs, PACE securitisations and other bespoke asset classes. He frequently works on securitisation, representing issuers and underwriters in both public and private offerings of securities backed by a variety of asset classes, including residential products and trade receivables.

Benjamin is also highly regarded in the asset backed finance sector, supporting clients with secured structured lending and subscription finance. He also frequently works on restructuring and acquisition finance as well as public equity offerings and private placements.

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